I have seen one Chestnut Mannikin at the Dry Tortugas several years 
ago.  The birds are found in Cuba and established, so I feel that any 
birds that make it to Florida, should be considered by the Florida 
Records Committee as a vagrant.  Especially when the Dry Tortugas are so 
from from the mainland.  The birders who saw them at the Dry Tortugas 
should fill out a records committee form and send in their photos:

Larry Manfredi
Homestead, FL
E-mail:  [log in to unmask]

Katrina Knight wrote:
> I just got a call from a friend who returned this afternoon from 
> spending a couple of days in the Dry Tortugas. He and his wife saw, 
> and took pictures of two birds they couldn't identify. The description 
> he gave me fits Trocolor Munia (aka Chestnut Mannikin) to a T. I know 
> these birds have been introduced to Cuba, Jamaica and various other 
> islands. I told him they weren't countable as far as I knew since they 
> were introduced. That is correct, isn't it?

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