Hello all, 

I am an Illinois birder that will be coming down to Miami in early August and will have some time to bird. I will also have a little time on Key West. I know early August is not the best time of the year for birds but I am going to try to make the most of it and maybe you guys can help me with your local knowledge. I would like to know if there is any more specific information on where the following birds are or if you can give me any tips on finding them. Maybe some of these birds are not present at the locations anymore. I am open to any suggestions. 

- Burrowing Owls at Barry University 
- White-winged Parakeet and Spot-breasted Oriole in Biscayne Gardens and Miami Shores 
- Red-whiskered Bulbuls north of the Baptist Hospital (the area surrounded by 94, 874, 878, and 973, right? ) and at Kenwood Elementary 
- Roseate Terns at Ft. Zachary Taylor State Park/Key West 
- White-crowned Pigeon and Black-whiskered Vireo at Key West Tropical Forest and Botanical Garden 
- Cave Swallows at Cutler Ridge (are they around the area all day?, do they nest there?) 

Besides those species I was also wondering if there are any good locations for Anhinga and Sandwich Tern near Miami and if Common Myna can be found at shopping centers (any specific ones?) in Miami. I would prefer to not have to go all the way down to Florida City. Sorry for so many questions but any help at all is greatly appreciated. Thank you and take care. 

Sulli Gibson 

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