I'm so glad the AOU finally took my suggestions seriously!  I've been plugging "Nelson's Sparrow" and "Saltmarsh Sparrow" to my friends (and perhaps a time or two on this list) for the past few years.  Now let's see if we can get them to drop the whole "scrub-jay" thing.  I mean, we don't call the other Aphelocoma species "Mexican Scrub-Jay" and "Unicolored Scrub-Jay" do we?  Honestly, think about it:


Scrub Jay (now, if they end up splitting californica then we'll have to come up with something else!)

Florida Jay

Santa Cruz Jay


See how much easier that is??  Now you try it!


I suggest we work on the stupid place name species that have almost nothing to do with the bird's distribution.  For example:


Philadelphia Vireo

Tennessee Warbler

Nashville Warbler

Cape May Warbler

Connecticut Warbler


Let's come up with something, everyone!  Use unique plumage characters, habitat, ACTUAL typical distribution names, or something else better than their current names.  Please note that I'm OK with Carolina Wren, Kentucky Warbler and Louisiana Warbler because these species actually breed in their common namesake states and I'm also fine with Virginia's Warbler, because this species was named after a person, not the state.  ALSO, be careful that your name isn't also shared with an Old World Warbler (Sylviidae).  That would just mess everyone up. 


I'm excited about this!  Let's take this all the way to AOU, everyone!


Just having a little fun! ;)


John Thomton

Winter Park, Orange Co.

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