Hey Everybirdy,

 Lead a couple of intrepid birders around the refuge this morning through
biolab Road and Blackpoint Drive.  When leading those not familiar with our
areas inhabitants it's a good reminder of what I sometimes take for
granted.  It's always fun to watch Great Egrets and Great Blue herons
methodically browsing the shallows of Mosquito Lagoon.  Several Spooted
sandpipers were along the south edge as was a lone juvenile Black-bellied
Plover and several Least Sandpipers.  Upone exiting biolab we pulled over
just before the fee booth to scan for Scrub-jays, none to be found but a
lone Yellow Warbler was foraging high in the tree just past the barricade.
  since seeing Brian aherns post, I think it safe to assume that at least
one or two other warbler species silhouettes I had seen against the sun may
very well have been the same species as it was a familiar flight.

  Blackpoint has been very quiet but stop 2 impoundment area is drawing down
nicely giving me high hopes for some nice shorebird observations come
august.  Can't wait!

see you out there!

Tom Dunkerton
Titusville, FL

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