I've started receiving a number of reports of "new" hummingbirds appearing
in yards and I've recently begun seeing a couple of hummingbirds in my yard
every day as well. So far, I'm just seeing young Ruby-throateds but Rufous
could arrive any day now. The female Rufous that was originally banded in my
yard in November of 2003 and has returned every year since shows up between
August 9th and the 15th in each of the past 4 years. I received a post from
another listserv today that reminded that the earliest Rufous reported in
Louisiana was first reported on July 23rd.  


I want to take this opportunity to remind all that I created a website at linked to a forum at for discussions and the collection
of hummingbird distribution data. I'm asking all to report their hummingbird
sightings, both Ruby-throated and non-/Ruby-throated species, to the forum.
Registration is not required for posting sighting reports to the forum but
there are advantages to being a member. The biggest advantage being the
ability to edit your posts.


Your reports are what will make my page a success. Thank you for your




Steve Backes

Valrico, FL

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