hello norm
i don't know much about other religions but i was under the impression that Buddhism, by offering an 'ancient path to an ancient city' was offering a direct path to truth. The four noble truths in fact.We meditate to clear away the junk that stops us experiencing the truth directly.

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Dear All,

Bion: "It would seem absurd if the tension between these three groups science, religion and art which are all fundamentally devoted to the truth, was either so slack or so tense that it was unable to further the aim of truth."

I wish someone would explain to me how either religion or art is "devoted to the truth." Surely the word is being used in a differently than it is used in connection with science and history. Or am I being hopelessly positivist?

As ever, Norm

P.S. "What is truth, said jesting Pilate, and would not stay for an answer." Hmm. N.

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