Speaking of Auden, let me take this opportunity to recommend S. Tippins's FEBRUARY HOUSE, a social history of a year-long experiment in group living organized by George Davis and Auden in the lead-up to the entry of the USA into WWII.  In this Brooklyn House lived Gypsy Rose Lee, Carson McCullers, Jane and Paul Bowles, Richard Wright, Benjamin Britten et al.

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Bravo, Mike!!!

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What a pity that Auden didn't have this help ... it might have ameliorated his embarrassing deficiencies with the English Language. 

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That phrase “a climate of opinion” is poignant, but essentially meaningless to communicants.  Many better phrasings suggest themselves:
            diversity of opinions
            plurality of opinions
            everyone has an opinion
and many more.  Mixing up otherwise irrelevant word classes (climate and opinion) that clearly are not mutually epistemologically socketed might be creative expressive language in the right circumstances, but that creativity doesn’t justify the misalignment. 
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What is remembered about Auden's elegy is the true phrase "a whole climate of opinion."

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Alithea (Greek for truth)=what is not forgotten.

"Works of art are sometimes unjustly forgotten, but no work of art is
unjustly remembered."--W. H. Auden