IT is correct that there can be multiple record series within a single database.  When this occurs there a few options available when applying retention periods.  Among those options are the obvious - retaining the record (line of data in the database table) for the longest of the retention periods (most simple to apply), to surgically purge data from each record at the end of the retention period for those elements, and many others in between.  When choosing an approach, you should analyze the costs, the risks of keeping data longer than required, and any other factor you might uncover in the research.

As usual this answer is full of', "It depends" but so it goes in our field of work.

Tod Chernikoff, CRM
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Hello ListServ Members!
I am new to the Records Management profession, but not quite so new to the ListServ. This is, however, my first attempt at posting a question to all of the very knowledgeable ListServ members!!! :)
The IT team at my company is advising that there could be multiple record classes for the data contained in a single database. When/if this occurs, how is the records classification for the single database managed? Are you aware of best practices for this? Does anyone have specific experience in dealing with this issue? I would appreciate any assistance you can provide. Thanks!!!
P.S.: I did search the ListServ archives; however, I was unable to find specific information.
Thank you!
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