Hi Keith

I have been distributing 'moving rules' for awhile. Many rules re-cap RM and
privacy policies. Other rules are based on my experiences rescuing abandoned
records and dealing with irresponsible move coordinators, such as:

*"Record owners may not abandon records to demolition crews or to other
business units..."*

"Move coordinators are expected to *coordinate* when abandoned records are
identified to them.  *Coordinating** *means.........*If you do not
coordinate abandoned boxes then the boxes will be delivered to your
desk.*Unacceptable answers when abandoned records are brought to your
“no thanks, we don’t want them they’re not ours” ....'

"To determine record ownership of a box of records you must examine the
records. I will not do this for you. You may not glance at the markings on
outside of a box, decide the contents are not yours, then abandon them."
 "You may not destroy any records that are under Legal Hold. Company-wide
Legal Holds are listed on the Legal Holds webpage......."

" You are the owner of the records you create.  You are responsible for
understanding what is a ‘record’ and what is not, managing your records
according to the ....(retention schedule)......."


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