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Subject: EPA Publishes Primer on Bioenergy for State Decision Makers

EPA Publishes Primer on Bioenergy for State Decision Makers

EPA is pleased to release the new State Bioenergy Primer: Information and Resources for States on Issues, Opportunities, and Options for Advancing Bioenergy.

The State Bioenergy Primer provides basic information and resources for all biomass fuel and technology types in a concise format useful for state decision makers—covering biopower, bioheat, biofuels, and bioproducts. The primer offers succinct descriptions of biomass feedstocks and conversion technologies, and discusses the benefits and challenges of promoting bioenergy.

The primer includes a stepwise framework, resources, and tools for determining the availability of feedstocks, assessing potential markets for biomass, and identifying opportunities for action at the state level. It also describes financial, policy, regulatory, technology, and informational strategies for encouraging investment in bioenergy projects and advancing bioenergy goals. Each chapter contains a list of selected resources and tools that states can use to explore topics in further detail.

The primer was developed by EPA with technical assistance from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

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