Summary of very important feed-in tariffs for wind and solar in China, will create a new source of revenue for many American companies.

The Chinese program may represent an innovative hybrid between the graduated wind energy tariffs in Germany and France and those single-value tariffs in Ontario, Vermont, and California.  The planned feed-in remuneration lies between RMB 0.51 and RMB 0.61 per kilowatt hour and depends on the region where a project goes on grid.

The parliament of the Peoples Republic of China passed a Renewable Energy Law on February 28, 2005. The law include provisions for feed-in tariffs. However, as in most countries, the path to implementation is never direct and only now has specific tariffs been proposed in a program that could be called a system of feed-in tariffs.

China is expected to announce feed-in tariffs for solar PV sometime later this year. Suntech chairman Zhengrong Shi as suggesting the tariff for large-scale solar PV plants could be equivalent to $0.22/kWh.

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