This morning James Wheat and I started out with a 
Great Horned Owl calling across Ocean Pond then headed
north to Middle Prong in Osceola NF in hope of some
actual migrants. While I chased flycatchers James
located two warblers near the ground at the base of the 
bridge. When I approached from the opposite side we
each had brief looks at a Connecticut Warbler followed
immediately by a male Kentucky. When we returned late in
the afternoon we found a Yellow-bellied Flycatcher along
the creek and a Gray-cheeked Thrush along the road leading
to the creek. At the south bridge on Sandhill Road, in the 
morning, we found another Yellow-bellied Flycatcher and a
Tennessee Warbler. Early arrivals (by my records) included
two Palm Warblers further south on Sandhill and an immature
Blue-headed Vireo at Olustee. While we didn't hear any
Bachman's Sparrows, James located one quietly blending into
a brown shrub right next to the road at the middle Red-
cockaded Woodpecker cluster on CR 250A. At least 9 
woodpeckers were also present. After dropping James at his
car I decided to head back up through the forest in search
of the county's most common owl, Barred, which had eluded us
all day. It took nearly three hours but after repeatedly
playing a Barred tape and getting more Screech and Great
Horneds in the process I finally located three at the north 
end of the county. I also heard several dozen migrants
passing overhead. While we missed quite a few presumably
common species I did add three species to my county list and
I'm still waiting on a third birder to send me a report.

Bob Richter
Baker County

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