Hey y'all,

Today in St. Petersburg

At Boyd Hill/Lake Maggiore*:  7-9 a.m

Cooper's Hawk, 1
Red-shouldered Hawk, 1
Killdeer, 2
Chimney Swift, 10
Northern Flicker, 1
(Downy Woodpecker 20!)
Northern Rough-winged Swallow, 5*
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, 23!
Brown Thrasher, 2 (different areas)

At Crescent Lake--22nd Ave. North (west of ) 4th Street:


Black Vulture, 1
Bald Eagle, 1 (ad)
Cooper's Hawk, 1
Chimney Swift, 40
Yellow Warbler, 2
Common Yellowthroat, 1
Bobolink, 7 (4 male, 3 female)

Lee Snyder
St. Petersburg

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