Amelia River, Nassau County: Our small contribution to the migration count day was a traveling survey of the Amelia River from the vicinity of Fernandina Beach to the state line. Surveying on the new moon astronomical spring tide (highest of year) the regional marshes were well inundated with all wading species taking roost in snags and tree canopies of marsh islands. In a two mile stretch we recorded > 5,000 White Ibis and 159 Rosette Spoonbill. The mass of ibis appeared as freshly fallen snow across the tree canopies of Lt. Tiger Island and, when flushed en mass, they appeared to fill the sky when viewed from distant Cumberland Island across the broad sound.

White Ibis annually concentrate in NE Florida this time of year and such large nos. are commonplace in the vast salt marshes between the coastal islands and mainland uplands. They usually appear in long sinuous flocks coursing low over tree lines or "boiling up" from the expansive marsh when eagles or peregrines pass over their concealed foraging areas. The Pumpkin Hill Creek marshes in NE Duval County host large nos. of ibis in this season, but there are few marsh vistas accessible to the public from roadways along uplands there. See: Timucuan Preserve website for overlooks and accesses.

Doris and Pat Leary, Fernandina Beach, Nassau County

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