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> >I did get it and completed the survey, but I will note that the message
> with
> >the survey link had landed in my Junk Mail folder.
> >
> So the first, and natural assumption based on the title is that this will
> be
> directed only to ARMA members, which is dissimilar to the efforts in the
> past by Ray Cunningham to gather data from the profession, regardless of
> membership status. I think it was referred to as a RIM Industry Salary

Survey (?)

on Sept 9th I received a blast email from ARMA HQ announcing that I would be
receiving an invitation to participate in a RIM Salary Survey. Since ARMA
has close to 11,000 members I see a survey of their membership as being
representative of the profession.. There will be a report issued in January
2010 titled "Records and Information Management Salary and Compensation
Survey Report" .

> Out of curiosity, did the survey ask for your member number or is the data
> submitted 'anonymously', identified only by your responding ISP?

I don' t remember, but I believe the latter ie ISP. of note the email
annoncement stated that "data will be reported in the aggregate only"

> Part of why I'm asking this is based on the comments here this morning, if
> some did not complete it because they didn't receive it and others did not
> complete it because it ended up in their junk bin... how will these people
> be given an opportunity to reply now?

the question as I see it is "was the survey a sampling of the membership
based upon x number from each geographical location? or was it sent out to
all members?"

The key is for individuals to do a search of the email folders to see if 1)
they received the "coming soon" email, and 2) did they receive the survey. I
did not retain a copy of the survey email otherwise i could give you the
date.. But it looks like the survey was sent out shortly after 'coming soon"


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