Here's the list of RM-related blogs currently listed in my feed reader: 

Positively RIM, Gordy Hoke -
Above the RIM, Patrick Cunningham -
AC+erm, Northumbria University's (UK) AC+erm project -
Information Overload, ARMA -
Records management futurewatch, Steve Bailey (UK) -
One man typing, Alan Bell (UK) -
RIMNant, Mimi Dionne -
SharepointRM, Don Lueders -
TFPL (UK) (not 100% RM) -
Thinking Records, James Lappin (UK) -
Ten Thousand Year Blog, David Mattison (CA) -
RIMThought, Doug Allen (not since Jan 2009, though) -
Greater Seattle Chapter -
ARMA Nebraska blog -
Western Colorado ARMA blog -
ARMA Toronto DocBlog -

Not in *my* feed reader, but some of you might find them useful: 
Informata, mine, 
Access Sciences, where I cross-post among other ASC authors, 
My article syndication blog, where I post articles for chapters to reuse in
their newsletters, 

I'd also suggest you look at blogs on archives, open records/sunshine act
activism, and legal. There are a number of superb ones in each of these
categories. Archives sometimes cross over and address RM-ish topics (or
archives are the primary focus and RM a secondary one). Open records are
great for the intersection of RM and government especially with regards to
what people are asking for and how. And of course many of the legal blogs
have superlative content on discovery, preservation, and the like including
summaries of recent cases. 

Finally, AIIM also has a couple of pretty good blogs which cover a lot of
different ground, but they do periodically touch on ERM. 
Digital Landfill,
AIIM Knowledge Center, 
Content Overload,

Respectfully submitted on behalf of myself and no other company,
organization, association, entity, or board of directors,

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