This morning I headed down to what passes as the
local migrant trap and struck out. I turned around and 
went north to Bethea SF, again, nothing. Returning
home I walked down to my drip and feeding area. I
could hear a few birds in the trees but nothing would
come down into view. I got my Screech Owl disc and
gave that a try. Off and on for about five hours (in
between hacking down palmettos) I was treated to
a small number but nice variety of birds. The usual
Titmice, Cardinals, Gnatcatchers, Red-bellied and
Pileated Woodpeckers and Carolina Wrens were all present. 
The first warblers to come in were two imm Chestnut-sided.
They were followed by Parula, Black and white, Hooded,
Magnolia, Tennessee (new yard bird), Redstart and
Orange-crowned. There were several White-eyed 
Vireos and one Red-eyed. There was also one each 
Swainson's Thrush, Summer Tanager and Eastern Pewee. 
The most surprising bird came at the end. Having walked
north along the riverbank I returned to pick up a 
lens cap I had left behind and walked right up on a
hen Turkey, apparently taking advantage of the
feeding station. The only other time I've had Turkeys
in my yard was at a time when flood waters were
receding low areas were still inundated but also in
late September.

Bob Richter
Baker County

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