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SOCNET Friends,

I have seen a method presented for constructing social networks, where
passages of text are run through a plaigarism checker on a low association
threshold.  People with similar text passages are then linked in a social
network.  I cannot find anywhere in the literature where this has been
published.  One of my students has used this technique to develop a social
network to compare to another novel method of social network construction.
Her paper is not appropriately tied to the literature and I am not sure
where to direct her.  I would appreciate any references where plagarism
checkers have been used to construct social networks.  Failing that, I would
also appreciate any references where social networks have been extracted for
authors, based on the content of their writing.  Co-authorship/citation
network references are not needed.



Ian McCulloh, Ph.D.
Major, US Army
Assistant Professor
U.S. Military Academy
West Point, NY 10996

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