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Politically relevant network data can be freely downloaded at

See also Zeev Maoz's website:


Gibler, Douglas M. and Meredith Reid Sarkees 2004. Measuring Alliances: 
The Correlates of War Formal Alliance Dataset, 1816-2000. Journal of 
Peace Research, 41(2): 211-222.

 Z. Maoz. R. Kuperman, and L. Terris , and I. Talmud (2007) _"The Enemy 
of my Enemy: The Effects of Indirect Enmity Relations on Direct Dyadic 
Relations"_ <pdf/Enemy.pdf>, /The Journal of Politics/ 69 (1): 100--115

????? Michael T. Heaney:
> Hi Everyone.
> I am putting together a grant application to support undergraduate 
> education in social network analysis.
> One of the potential categories for the grant is the purchase of data.
> Is anyone aware of any particularly interesting network data sets that 
> are:
> 1. Instructive for undergraduates to work on and
> 2. Cost no more than $3,000
> Bonus points for *politically* oriented data (but this is not a 
> requirement).
> Also, if anyone is aware of any particularly useful network software 
> programs that require purchase -- they are not freely available -- I'd 
> be interested in knowing about them.  As is, I am planning to ask for 
> 40 copies of UCINet.
> Thanks!
> Michael

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