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Gibler, Douglas M. and Meredith Reid Sarkees 2004. Measuring Alliances: The Correlates of War Formal Alliance Dataset, 1816-2000. Journal of Peace Research, 41(2): 211-222.

 Z. Maoz. R. Kuperman, and L. Terris , and I. Talmud (2007) “The Enemy of my Enemy: The Effects of Indirect Enmity Relations on Direct Dyadic Relations", The Journal of Politics 69 (1): 100–115

ציטוט Michael T. Heaney:
[log in to unmask]" type="cite">Hi Everyone.

I am putting together a grant application to support undergraduate education in social network analysis.

One of the potential categories for the grant is the purchase of data.

Is anyone aware of any particularly interesting network data sets that are:

1. Instructive for undergraduates to work on and

2. Cost no more than $3,000

Bonus points for *politically* oriented data (but this is not a requirement).

Also, if anyone is aware of any particularly useful network software programs that require purchase -- they are not freely available -- I'd be interested in knowing about them.  As is, I am planning to ask for 40 copies of UCINet.



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