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I have a question and am hoping someone can help.
In UCINet, I ran a Bonacich Power analysis. When I read Hanneman's 
tutorial, he used .5 and -.5 beta attenuation factor in his 
example. In the latest version of UCINet, however, there is a 
button that figures beta for you. For the two networks I ran, the 
program suggested +-.08, and +-.091. Can anyone explain this to 
me? Why and how is beta configured for you? Why was my beta so 
small? (My two networks have 123 actors each, but the beta values 
were still different.)

I ran both the program suggested beta and Hanneman's .5 example 
beta. The .5 beta gave mostly negative values both for power and 
when normalized. The .08 beta gave very large values, in the 
thousands. But, the values with the .08 beta better represent the 
different centralities that I would expect from these actors.

Thank you for your help!
Ava Lasseter

Ava Lasseter
PhD Candidate
Department of Anthropology
University of Florida

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