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Find attached the ouline of a research proposal from a distinguished colleague with whom I have collaborated in the past.  Please respond directly to him.
We are currently building a strongly interdisciplinary consortium to apply for European Union FP7 funding (call entitled "Reinterpreting Europe's cultural heritage: towards the 21st century library and museum", deadline early February 2010). As part of our project design we are envisaging one so-called workpackage on networks of museums, libraries and galleries, which have proliferated over the last ten years. This workpackage would focus on analysing the existing network type relationships in 2-3 of these networks with a view to developing proposals from this analysis how the links, communication and cooperation in these networks could be enhanced to improve their performance in terms of the circulation of artefacts and ideas to contribute to the "Europeanisation" of the museum landscape. For this workpackage we seek to collaborate with a sociologist with substantial experience in SNA documented via past projects and publications. Knowledge of the museum field would be helpful, but is not required, although an interest in the overall project focus on the "transnationalisation" of museums in Europe obviously is crucial. The prospective co-investigator should be in long-term employment and not be based in the UK. We currently envisage that this workpackage would be allocated either a PhD position and some limited funding for research assistance or more substantial funding for research assistance for collecting data, conducting interviews etc. Any qualified researcher interested in collaborating in this exciting new development should contact Professor Wolfram Kaiser (University of Portsmouth) at [log in to unmask] at the earliest possible opportunity. Please send a short expression of interest with a description of your qualifications for this project and your CV.

Dr Dimitrios C Christopoulos
Senior Lecturer
Department of Politics
Bristol - University of the West of England
Coldharbour Lane
BS16 1QY

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