Reminder of Thursday's Important Interesting Seminar!

The UF Water Institute is pleased to announce that Dan Kahan, Elizabeth K. Dollard Professor of Law at Yale Law School, will be the next speaker in the Smallwood Distinguished Scholar Seminar Series.  Mr. Kahan is a member of the Cultural Cognition Project, a group of scholars interested in studying how cultural values shape public risk perceptions and related policy beliefs regarding environmental and climate change issues,  among others.  Project members are using the methods of various disciplines -- including social psychology, anthropology, communications, and political science -- to chart the impact of this phenomenon and to identify the mechanisms through which it operates. The Project also has an explicit objective to identify processes of democratic decision-making by which society can resolve culturally grounded differences in belief in a manner that is both congenial to persons of diverse cultural outlooks and consistent with sound public policymaking.

 Thursday October 8, 2009

Speaker: Dan M. Kahan<>, Elizabeth K. Dollard Professor of Law, Yale Law School
Seminar Title:  The Cultural Cognition of Risk: Theory, Evidence, and Implications
Time: 3 pm - 5 pm Thursday, October 8, 2009
Location: 209 Emerson Alumni Hall

Seminar Description:  The cultural cognition of risk refers to the tendency of persons to conform their beliefs about putatively dangerous activities to their cultural evaluations of those activities. This lecture will examine the basic theory behind cultural cognition, experimental and other empirical evidence of its influence on perceptions of environmental and technological risks, and the implications of it for risk communication and policymaking.

The seminar will be videostreamed for off-campus viewers:

Mr. Kahan is available to meet with interested faculty and students while he is here.  Please contact Wendy Graham ([log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>) if you are interested in scheduling a meeting with your group or department.
Please pass this email and attached flyer on to potentially interested colleagues.

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