Hey All

We (Mike Lanzone, Andrew Farnsworth and I) are attempting to pull together a
nationwide moonwatching event beginning tomorrow night and continuing
through next week. We have come up with some protocols, borrowed from the
work of many others and modified to suit our needs, and posted them on the
following webpage:

We welcome any and all of you to participate in the event. Prior experience
is not required, we only ask that you follow the protocols outlined on the
site, and enter and submit the data according to the instructions on the
site and within the Excel spreadsheet. Once you read over the materials, if
you still have questions, please feel free to email me and I will try to get
back to you as soon as possible. This is also a great opportunity for folks
to get together with other birders (or astronomers!) and coordinate a
meet-up. I encourage anyone considering joining the party, to send out an
email to their local listserve and see who might be interested in joining
you for a night or two of moonwatching. Moonwatching and recording data is
always easier when you can switch off with another person.

Looking at the weather, on Friday night the Central Flyway should experience
the first NW winds which should, in turn, trigger the next migration event.
This system will move east over the weekend, setting up migration conditions
over the Mississippi and Eastern flyways in successive nights (maybe not
until Mon or Tue night for the Eastern Flyway, depending on which forecast
model you check).

The full moon is on Sunday, October 4th, so moonwatching conditions should
be excellent (assuming a clear sky) over the next 8 days.

Good Birding AND Moonwatching!

Andrew Farnsworth
Michael Lanzone
David La Puma

For a great study using moonwatching, you can read Lowery and Newman's 1966
published in The Auk, and download-able as a pdf here:

David A. La Puma, Ph.D.
Dept. of Ecology, Evolution, & Natural Resources

Online Teaching Portfolio:

Lockwood lab:



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