Migration at Spanish River Park continued moderately well Wed. Chadda
and I were joined by visiting birder Ian McGregor from Seattle who had
been chasing the Spindalis at ENP (unsuccessfully). With 3 pairs of eyes
we saw 12 species of warbler with Redstart being most numerous (30)
followed by Common Yellow-throats (15). Highlites included a
Chesnut-sided, 2 Hooded, and 2 Magnolia. Only 1 Thrush (Swainson's) seen
compared to 7 on Tues. It seemed odd to me that all 8 thrushes were seen
above eye level instead of on the ground as I would expect.
  Raptors were also moving: 1 Periguin, 1 Cooper's, and hundreds of
  The migrants apparently are coming in around 10 AM as several early
birders reported very few birds before 9:30 when we arrived. We were
there for 4.25 hours and were encountering small flocks during that time
but they were pretty far back in the vegetation so were challenging to

  Let's go birding!

John & Chadda Shelly
Boca Raton
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