As a follow-up to Terry Donavan's post regarding the Flamingo at MINWR.
On September 20, I was finished birding Ft. Mose off U.S.1 North in St. Johns 
County...standing in the parking lot talking to a new birder.  I looked up and a 
flock of what I first thought were Roseate Spoonbills were flying fairly low and 
overhead.  Then I saw a White Ibis in front...but the stunner was a 
FLAMINGO, the closest to me of the flock of "pink" birds.

I couldn't believe it and had a good long look at it. When I told a few people, 
either I got no response, or they said it would be much larger than Spoonies, 
deeper pink, and have black on the wings.   Well, my books tell me that the 
Lesser Flamingo, as an escapee is seen in North America and is close to the 
size and color of a Spoony and lacks black on the wings.
So I'm not saying it was a Greater Flamingo, but it had a Flamingo's head and 
Roger Clark mentioned to me that my Flamingo may have been "an overshoot 
to the North and heading back South and makes sense that it was travelling 
with a White Ibis and more sense that it would stop over at Merritt."  

The comments about Lesser Flamingos by Bruce Anderson and Bill Pranty make 
what I saw make sense. Thank you.

Joan Tasca, St. Johns County

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