Fellow professionals, hello. I have been researching and presenting a series of best practices workshops to help learning center administration and staff examine their practices and to consider using lists of best practices to enhance the administration of their center. 

In my opinion, the CAS Standards and the NADE standards are more applicable to learning assistance and not specifically to learning centers. A revised learning center best practices that I presented at the recent NCLCA conference in Golden, Colorado was my third attempt at developing a list that would encompass current practices. 

You can view this revised list on LSCHE at . Please note that you may print this list and use it at a staff meeting to compare these best practices with your center's practices. A list of relevant references that corroborate these practices can be found in LSCHE at .

You may also be interested in a specific list of best practices that focuses on the relationship of learning centers to student online course success that I have developed for an upcoming Innovative Educator webinar on October 27. In my reading of our literature and the literature of non learning center listservs, articles, and books, I am distressed to note that learning centers are not involved with distance education in not only supporting the online student but more importantly in  getting online course designers and instructors to integrate learning and study strategies in online courses. With millions of college students enrolled in online courses, it is an imperative that learning centers impact on distance educators to design into their courses learning assistance materials for increased retention and academic success of their online students. 

BTW, LSCHE is your source of references and materials that are learning centered to use in getting distance education to recognize the value  of learning center programs and services.  

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