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> I think this is a great concept!  In fact, I am aware of one law firm that
> has a program where they go out to their client sites and assist them with
> building records management programs in preparation for litigation (

I have seen some products produced by law firms that were assisting
customers in developing a RM program and was not impressed. Why? they could
talk the walk of RM, but had difficulting in walking the talk. I reviewed
one such product for a friend and pointed that while the retention schedule
was well constructed and the law firm had thoroughly researched and had
identified many of the federal regulations, the schedule did not reflect how
the organization's records were actually organized.

I would be more in favor in such programs if the law firms would stop
calling it 'document retention'.  finally if you are focused on developing a
program in preparation of litigation may be missing a large amount of what
is really needed by the organization.

Peter Kurilecz CRM CA
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Richmond, Va
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