Hey Everybirdy,

  Hit beach lot 7 and seawatched a short while with Mitchell Harris.  Sorry
Michelle, if I'd have known for sure I was going i'd have contacted you!

  Anyway, it was fairly sparse compared with recent days from reports I'd
read and from Mitchell's accounts.  We did enjoy nice looks at a few dozen
Pomerane Jaegers and equla amounts of Northern Gannets.  a couple of Common
Terns working the outer breakers and many royal terns working a little
closer to shore up and down the beach.
  I did notice the more southerly winds push water levels up along the
Parrish Park causeway, and perhaps this played a part in the lack of
southbound traffic today, or at the very least keeping them further
  Headed up the shiloh road for a looksee (did i actually just print
that?).  Again water levels were very high along the IRL side and many
culverts pushing water into the impoundments.  Nothing much to speak of
until getting north of Weather tower Road, where there was a nice feeding
flock of all the resident waders along with a few dozen Am. White Pelicans.
A nearby flock of Dunlin and Long-billed dowitchers in the remaining short
lived shallower waters.  Several Black-bellied Plovers hiding in the marsh
grasses as well.

  as I headed north of Shiloh 3 intersect and around a few bends, I found
the largest concentration of Coots i'd seen in a while.  Just north of them
were mixed flocks of Pintails and Wigeon, Blue and Green-winged Teal and a
small flock of redheads and one lone Canvasback female was definitley a
pleasure to see.
  Palm Warblers and Savannah sparrows all over the roads.  be forewardned
much of shiloh Road is like driving through a corridor of grass.  Have to
pick your spots for viewing unless your 7 foot tall or better. The invasive
Guinea Grass has pretty much taken over most of the roadsides.

  See you out there!

Tom Dunkerton
Titusville, Fl

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