1) t-shirts are cool when worn in the appropriate venue; Hawaiian shirts are
cooler, period

2) Peter is right, the cafe press venue would be MUCH simpler and a more
effective way of ensuring payment... I had 20-30 hats from New Orleans that
were never paid for that I ended up donating to charity and countless 2-1/2"
buttons that ended up getting something pasted over them and used by the
local middle school

3) This "Larry Guy" may not be able to be counted on for attendance- he was
only in Orlando by the divine intervention of a client that wanted him
there... although he resides in the SF Bay Area, he may only be at the
Exhibits and a few 'events'

4) His design skills might also be suspect, but he DID design an excellent
lapel pin for use by the Golden Gate Chapter with an SF motif that he
doesn't think ever got produced... or if it did, he never received one

5) Listserv Party?  What's that??  My recollection is this is an event held
in a "less than stellar venue" near the conference as a no-host on an
evening prior to the start, or early in the week.  I can't think of any such
venues in SF that would set aside space without a financial commitment,
especially on a Fri/Sat night.  Pity the Caribbean Zone was demolished
following the reconstruction of the freeway exit near the Bus Terminal.. it
would have been AWESOME!!

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