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Hello All,

I'm doing some work that requires me to evaluate the connectivity or
cohesion of a network.  I have a network that has been broken down into
several communities (using Newman Girvan), and I would like to develop a
metric that will allow me to rank the communities by their connectivity or
cohesion.  Ultimately, I want to determine which communities are the most
likely to have information flow through them and/or to have a new
idea/innovation diffuse through them.  I have some behavior data that I can
evaluate the metric against once its in place.

Thus far, my focus has been on using the average path length of the
networks.  I've read about some of the other measures for connectivity in
Wausserman and Faust but I'd like some guidance from the group on how best
to choose a method for measuring connectivity and whether or not there is
anything outside of what is discussed within SNA: Methods and Applications
that I should consider.

All the best,

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