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Dear list members,

A colleague and I are looking for social network datasets where actors 
exhibit homophily i.e. similar individuals more likely to form network 
ties with one another.  We are only interested in homophily over 
attributes which can be chosen by the actors - political affiliation 
(right/left) and brand preference (e.g. over music, consumer items) 
are good examples.  An example of a network dataset we are already 
working with is the hyperlink network of approx. 1500 political 
bloggers (coded as conservative or liberal) from Adamic, L. and 
Glance, N. (2005) "The political blogosphere and the 2004 U.S. 
election: Divided they blog".

I will be happy to post back to this list the details of 
publicly-available network datasets (fitting the criterion) that we 
find out about.  If you have a dataset that is not publicly available, 
we of course would be happy to give appropriate attribution if we can 
use it in our research.

Dr Robert Ackland
Fellow and Masters Coordinator, Australian Demographic and Social 
Research Institute, The Australian National University

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