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Happy New Year to All from PM Clusters : 

Soc/Val/Org network analyses are penultimate discovery activities in
achieving greater understanding complex systems like markets, i.e., 'Markets
from Networks,' - HC White. 'Thought this offer of historical market data
would interest scholars and researchers...    

InTrade to soon offer on a trial basis certain historical market
data free of charge as part of an initiative to improve the
accessibility, transparency, and validation of prediction markets.

InTrade :  

We hope in the near future that by making certain historical market
data freely available (and foregoing a revenue stream) we will
encourage further academic and business study and support of the
prediction market phenomenon.

We will present data by category, event, market group, and individual
market. No personal data will be made available. The initial reports
that we will provide are closing prices and time and sales of each
trade on a market. The data sets will be in a CSV format and will be
refreshed daily.

We are looking for a limited number of people to Beta test our
application and market data sets. Please contact us on
[log in to unmask] if you are interested in being a tester and getting
access (T&C's will apply) to historical market data.

Best regards,



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