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This question is for anyone who creates attributes files using Excel,
imports this into UCINET as a node attribute dataset, and attempts to export
this into a Pajek-compatible partitions file (.clu): 

I have had periodic success with the process, where, when exporting the
categorical attributes file from UCINET to Pajek, I will receive an error
message some of the time that says the INPUT file can not be found. By
copying, pasting, and saving (again) the original Excel data, and going
through the process again, I will, after several more attempts, have success
with this. Oddly, I haven't run into many interruptions when exporting
network files. 

I have downloaded the latest version of UCINET, and it doesn't seem the size
of the dataset is the trouble (I've been able to eventually create attribute
files for around 2200 cases). Has anyone else had this trouble that may have
suggestions as to where the glitch, internal or external to UCINET may be? 


Janene Scelza
Research Associate
American Sociological Association
1430 K. Street
Washington, DC 20005
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