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I have used both Network Genie and Optimice for SNA and found both of them
to be quite good at designing, delivering and downloading the survey data.  

NetworkGenie has more flexibility in the design of the survey including the
ability to have groups and sub-groups that can be used for the different
attribute and relationship question.  This can also make it more complicated
to design the survey.

The Optimice tool is very easy to use and manage the surveys.  For new
analysts, this is a very easy tool to get started with while providing all
the features that I normally need.

Both tools provide data output in standard formats for the analysis tools
that I have used, UCINet and InFlow.

The pricing model already mentioned is a significant difference (and may be
the determining factor).  As a consultant, I sometimes let me client know
the options and the choice often is by cost.    

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