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Hi - Good rhetorical questions. If past is prologue, we already know the
answers. Meanwhile, here is more opinion. 

Why Gartner Pattern-Based Strategy matters -


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The question is whether Gartner will act responsibly. Will they do the due
diligence and recognize the huge amount of research that has been done here?
Or will they sell these concepts as Gartner specific IP?

You are right.  It is pure hubris. TM is not the same as a registered
trademark.  Putting TM next to a name just means that you are declaring that
you are the first ones to use that term in this way.  Registering the term
requires that the term be unique enough that it could not be part of normal
conversation and that it does not cause confusion in the industry or
marketplace.  I suspect that combining "Pattern", "Based", and "Strategy" as
a trademark would fail to meet this criteria..  

Mark Goetsch

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