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I am looking for suggestions as to how to measure, as accurately as possible, ego networks. I am studying staff in a large organisation (3000+ staff).
I was thinking about copying the single-name generator method that Burt used in the 1985 GSS, but am confused as to how to use this for eliciting alter-alter ties from ego. I guess that it is very easy for ego to provide ego-alter ties with the "discuss important matters" question, but how do you replicate this for ego reporting alter-alter ties? It seems a little odd to ask ego "of those ties that you have mentioned, which ones discuss important matters with each other". The "discuss important matters" question is a good one, in relation to what else I am asking ego's; I'd like to use it, or a slight variation of it that would elicit more accurate data.  

Any suggestions and/or references in this regard would be very much appreciated.
I'll compile responses and post them up later,

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