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we have a paper about the opportunities and -most of all- the dangers of
collecting (ego- centered) social network data via web surveys:

Matzat, U. , & Snijders, C. (in press). "Does the Online Collection of
Ego-Centered Network Data reduce Data Quality? An Experimental
Comparison." in: Social Networks.

A pre-print is available on my homepage (and also on the journal website).

Best regards,

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> Subject: Use of electronic survey software for face-to-face data
> collection
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> Does anyone have any experience of using electronic survey software,
> such as Snap or Survey Monkey, for the collection of social networks
> data? I would be particularly interested to hear the experiences of
> anyone who may have tried using an electronic format in a face-to-face
> data collection situation and whether they can comment on comparisons
> with the good ol' pen and paper approach.
> Many thanks,
> Beth Carley
> Centre for Census and Survey Research (CCSR)
> School of Social Sciences
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> Humanities Bridgeford Street
> University of Manchester
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Uwe Matzat
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Eindhoven University of Technology
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The Netherlands
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