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A few members of the SOCNET mailinglist pointed me to SIENA for longitudonal social network analysis. I don't know if my posting is right here, but I am having problems importing two nets of the size of approx 650 nodes into the module.

When I do the SIENA data specification and add those two networks into "Dep. networks in seq. order" either nothing happens if I click ok, or I am getting the error "Access violation at adress 004E2E40 in module "StOCNet.exe. Read of adress 00DF0008."

My data is saved in the edgelist format which is available since v. 4 and looks like this:

approx 8k rows.

Should i re-encode the node names into integers, or ist the edgelist support only beta? Maybe somebody had some luck with this.


Thomas Plotkowiak
Research Assistant
Institute for Media and Communications Management
St. Gallen
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