Hi all,

Currently, there are two math tutoring centers on my campus:  mine, which does only college-level math and science classes, and the Math Prep Center, which does remedial and 100-level math courses, plus special remedial tutoring programs for incoming and current students who need extra help and are not enrolled in a remedial course.  The college is eliminating its associate degree programs in favor of community college partnerships, which means it will be phasing out its remedial math course offerings.  With this in mind, the Math Prep Center has been relocated across the hall from my center, and beginning next semester, we will  merge and become a single, larger center under my direction.  The two centers have always worked very closely together, but we do have some policies and procedures that differ, and I have some choices to make.  One of the most fundamental ones involves the format of our tutoring appointments.  My center offers appointments that are 60 minutes in length, with a maximum group size of two.  The MPC offers 75-minute appointments that track the bell schedule, with a maximum group size of three.  There are clearly pros and cons to both.   My question to all of you:  which would you choose, and why?

Thanks!  Have a wonderful weekend!

Michele Costabile Doney
Coordinator, Math and Science Tutoring
NCLCA Certified in Learning Center Leadership, Level One
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
646-557-4595    [log in to unmask]

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