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>  I do see that a subscription to Archivaria (US subscription) is $210 per
>year (2 issues) plus $15 postage!. at least Canadians get a break the
>subscription rate for them is $120 plus $16.50 for postage and GST.

You just made my point, Peter. Two points, actually. 1) It is 
expensive, yet lots of people internationally subscribe to it 
(actually, lots of people are members of the ACA in order to get the 
journal with the membership, including students, even if the ACA 
student membership is more expensive than the ARMA students 
membership). 2) An ARMA refereed journal would be a great benefit to 
the ARMA membership as it would come with it and they would not have 
to subscribe to Archivaria or other international RM journals to get 
at least the research that is directly relevant to them, as NA RM 
researchers would consider it a priority to get published in such journal.


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