I am so excited that I'm getting the new Nook eBook reader for  
Christmas (well, actually they're sold out so I won't be getting mine  
'til February, but still ...).

The Nook can display PDFs, so I'll be loading up all my standards and  
other PDF RIM publications. However, I was wondering how many others  
would buy books from the ARMA bookstore as eBooks? I was thinking if  
we showed that there was a demand and if ARMA published their own  
titles as eBooks, then other publishers may follow suit.

So what do you say? Would you buy your RIM materials as eBooks? I  
would like to see RIM journals as a eBook subscription as well.

Nolene Sherman
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Orange County, CA

Tracking where records are kept is what Tiggers and Records Managers  
do best!

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