Hi Nolene, 

Excellent question. I am NOT a fan of reading more than a few pages of
traditional publications on-screen - too many issues associated with
scrolling, long lines of text, etc. And double-spaced ones are even worse
for me. And I don't have any e-reader hardware other than my iPhone. But -
at some point I'd imagine I will have one and I can think of a HUGE number
of resources I'd keep on it.

Guess that's a long way of saying that personally I agree. I believe Kindle
uses a proprietary format. Not sure about the Nook or other e-readers. Also
not sure what would be involved in the conversion, etc. And dunno whether
ARMA makes enough money from pubs to justify the effort in the short term. 

Respectfully submitted on behalf of myself and no other company,
organization, association, entity, or board of directors,

Jesse Wilkins, CRM, CDIA+, ecmm, emmm, ermm
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