Bob Duncan is on the loose again! The GREEN-TAILED TOWHEE is still at Ft. Pickens. Found again today by you -know-who.

The GREEN-TAILED TOWHEE originally found at Ft. Pickens, Escambia County, FL,  on November 1 obviously hunkered down and survived it's first tropical storm November 9-10 when "Ida" breezed through. Ida damaged and closed the access road to Ft. Pickens, so nobody was able until this past week to check on the towhee. Bob Duncan refound the bird this morning (Thursday, Dec.17), or perhaps the bird found Bob. Whatever the case, it's still there near the bench between the parking lot and the little bridge. 

There are also 3 LARK SPARROWS right by the parking lot near the Florida Trail sign.

Directions: From Pensacola Beach drive west. Enter Ft. Pickens and drive to the end of the road, turning right at the only intersection near the old fort. Park near the white stucco building adjacent to the parking lot. The trail starts just behind that building. You will only have to walk a short way, going past the concrete wall that intersects the path. Not far beyond the wall, there is a bench on the left, and not far from the bench is a small bridge. The towhee was again in the bench area, eating seeds (possibly Biden?) in the path.

Good birding,
Lucy Duncan, 
posting for Bob who is no doubt scouring up something else wonderful over there.

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