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Subject:  Masked Duck at Viera Wetlands [birdPIX]
Hi all:
I drove to Viera Wetlands [on the east coast of FL] early Saturday [122609] morning from St. Pete.  I observed the bird from about 0830-0900.  At times it was not that far out to get a couple of half-way decent images.  There were several other birders present – most had brought their camera equipment to take pictures of this bird.  Thank-you Danny & others for reporting this bird.
This is the second time ever that I have observed a Masked Duck.  The last was in Brazo Bend State Spark, Texas in January of 1994.  That bird was either a female or male in eclipse plumage.
This bird seems to have some telltale striping on the head.  May be its not totally out of eclipse plumage?  I noticed this feature in the pix that I took of the bird.
The following links are to images of this bird that I took:
Happy birding!
David Laliberte
St. Pete, FL


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