Hi there, O members of the UF IT community.  I come to you today under
my hat as member of the UF IT Wiki committee.  We're throwing a party
to publicize and improve the IT wiki:

The Wiki Wag Geek Gathering!

There'll be munchies and prizes, and good geek fellowship.  We
encourage you to come prepared to edit, or add a page, to the IT Wiki,
and the best edits will get prizes!

Prizes include some fine geek-themed T-shirts and one design-your-own
T-shirt, which will be implemented by the fine folks at Skillhouse,

(koff.  which will be me.) 

So come on over; the event will happen in the CITT lab, Turlington
2215, on November 19, starting at 2:30 PM.

Please feel free to disseminate this as you deem appropriate; all UF
folks are welcome.

- UF IT Wiki Committee