Hello folks:

Here's a recap of last night's meeting. And, thanks to this list, we had representation from the Linux community!
Eric Lavigne won the first CodeTown Coding Contest using Clojure to develop a web based Wari game. Personally, I had an 'aha moment' during Eric's explanation of functional programming. His unbelievably good implementation of the game as a web app was done in only 100 lines of code. You can see it here: http://www.codetown.us/group/contesttown/forum/topics/wari-contest-1 Then, Kevin Neelands described to us how he learned iPhone development, produced 5 (countem!) apps and deployed them to the Apple Apps store. Kevin describes his apps here: http://www.codetown.us/group/iphonedevelopment/forum/topics/whats-your-favorite-iphone-app We may have a continuation on the same theme because we ran short of time last night. Local Orlando company StackFrame came through at the last minute with pizza, wings and drinks for all. We had lots of books and swag, too. I hope we have more at the next GatorJUG meeting. I think there may be some carpooling to Orlando for this month's OrlandoJUG meeting on Maven.  http://www.codetown.us/events/orlandojug-maven
The GatorJUG events are often posted on the GatorLUG website and you can keep up with them all on CodeTown.