I have attached my presentation to this email.  If you want more depth (as there are no slide notes), it was taken from an article I wrote for the December 2008 issue of CM Crossroads magazine, at 


Also, someone asked during Q&A about the difference between the Integration Testing and Systems Testing levels at Nationwide Insurance, and totally I forgot about the major difference: in Integration Testing, the apps were running against dummy databases that contained a small set of fake data; in System Testing, the apps were running against full copies of the real data, and sometimes even against live data (shudder!).  


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Is last night's presentation available online anywhere?

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> HDCP was cracked and the master key released on Monday. So, it's probably
> not "free"-ing HDMI, in the Richard Stallman sense, more of a "breaking the
> DCMA" type of dealio.
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>> Clint Collins <[log in to unmask]> writes:
>> > GatorLUG Meeting Agenda for September, 15 2010
>> >
>> > 6:00 - 6:30 Announcements / General Discussion
>> >
>> > Freedom for HDMI | Hackerspace on the move
>> Hmmm, can you be more specific about the "Freedom for HDMI" bit?  Is
>> this an item for discussion?  And is there some way to "free" HDMI?

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