Hi guys,

Does anyone have any in-depth experience using Exchange 2007 as a relay for a linux environment?

Here's my situation.  I've got a linux-based (specifically RHEL5.5) application that currently uses the local sendmail server for smtp and then subsequently relaying that smtp traffic via our 2007 exchange server which is the MX for our domain.  Up to now it's worked fine for our needs to simply relay by specifying the linux server's IP in the exchange server's relay configuration (affectively making it a blind relay for anything outgoing sent from the linux box).  Well, apparently that is no longer an acceptable email solution from this particular application for our users.  What my developers want now is for an email that is sent from the linux based application to relay via our exchange 2007 server, but with the additional requirement that the outgoing email show up in the exchange user's "sent items".  Currently the only way of even determining what exchange user the email is coming from is to query the 'From' field in the message and I'm sure that would just be the beginning of trying to make this idea work.

Have any of you heard of a situation similar to this and/or have any info on where to start looking in order to accomplish this.  I'll be happy to provide more detailed info if there are any bites on this topic...


Todd Smith
Sr. Linux Administrator
Tower Hill Insurance Group, LLC

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