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I would be glad if you could forward this information to all potentially 
interested students.
Michela Ferron


Scholarship available at Sonet group - Bruno Kessler Foundation, Trento, 
Italy - (~1300 Euros after taxes per month). Deadline: 5 February 2010.

The research activity will be about identifying requirements for a 
social networking platform for Associazione Trentini nel Mondo Onlus 
(thousands of people from Trentino who are currently leaving abroad) and 
in proposing different platforms and adoption stategies, following their 
deployment (carried out by developers of the SoNet project) and in 
evaluating them.
The scholarship is for one year and activity will start 15 March 2010.

University degree or equivalent qualification. Preference shall be given 
to personal interest in social sciences and in social media, to 
knowledge in computer operation, to proficiency in the Italian and 
English language and to the ability to work autonomously.

Application for admission
Send your application in electronic format via email at vettori AT , or on plain paper to Fondazione Bruno Kessler - dott. Micaela 
Vettori Via Sommarive No 18 to 38,123 POVO - TRENTO
If you have any question you would like to discuss, don't hesitate to 
contact us at sonet AT

For more information:
    * Complete text for the scholarship (in ITALIAN) -
    * Complete text for the scholarship (draft version in ENGLISH) -

What is SoNet
SoNet is a research group inside FBK (Fondazione Bruno Kessler) research 
institute. FBK is located in Trento, north-east of Italy, and counts 
more than 350 researchers in a variety of areas, such as Information 
Technologies, Materials and Microsystems, and Humanities.
SoNet's research focus is Social Networking and its impacts: more info 

Research in Trentino, Italy
Trentino is the right place in Italy for research. It hosts a large 
number of research labs from environmental studies to high-tech 
technologies. The Province of Trento allocates several resources such as 
infrastructure, real estate and funds to encourage research and 
innovation. Many institutes, both public and private, local, national 
and international have established their research units in Trento and 
Rovereto. Trentino is located in north-east Italy in a charming area of 
mountains and lakes.

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